Preparing Your Home for a Professional Photoshoot - Pro Shot Visuals

Professional Photos are an important part of your Real Estate Agent’s marketing plan to sell your home.  They should depict your home at its very best! Listed below are items that will help you prepare for the photo shoot.

If you need to change your appointment, please contact your agent ASAP.

Turn on all lights before the photographer arrives, including all lamps and all outside lighting.

Replace all burned out light bulbs.

For Twilight Shots, every room that faces the front and rear of the home must have working lights. In addition, the windows must be able to be seen from the street or back yard. This includes garage windows. Trees or bushes that obstruct windows should be trimmed.

Televisions should be turned off or set to the pause mode.

Make sure your home is clean. This includes (but is not limited to) windows, ceiling fans, and showers. The camera can see dust and dirt that is not always noticeable to the eye.

Have personal effects put away, as much as possible. This includes children’s toys, pet beds and pet food bowls, clothes, bathroom toiletries, excessive kitchen countertop items.

Turn on pool lights and waterfalls (even for daytime shoots).

Turn off all ceiling fans (inside and out)

Make sure all toilet lids are down

Move all vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, etc.) from the driveway.

Move all garbage cans from the front, sides and back of the home.

Arrange patio furniture as if you were expecting guests

Make sure all pets are moved so they do not appear in a photograph

Remove all magnets and pictures from refrigerators

Lawn should be recently mowed and trees trimmed when at all possible.

Inform your agent and the photographer of any special attributes or views that you would like photographed (water vies, custom garages, panic rooms, etc)

How Long Will it Take to Photograph My Home?

The square footage of your home and property will determine how long the photo shoot will take. Please allow at least 2 hours.