About Pro Shot Visuals - Pro Shot Visuals

Thank you for coming to take a look at Real Estate Photo Art. I was the broker/owner of a Century 21 Real Estate office in New Jersey for 12 years before moving to Florida. During that time I took hundreds of listing photos and saw thousands more. Some were adequate, most were not.

Here I am, about 10 years ago (seated, second from the right), with the excellent agents in my office!

I am also a photographic artist with 30+ years of photography experience. I have the expertise in both Real Estate and Photography to know what makes a great real estate listing photo and the technical skill to bring those photos to life.

*   Photography is not just an important element of real estate marketing; it is fast becoming the most essential one. More than 80% of today’s house-hunters use the internet to research properties, and these prospective buyers rank photography as the most important tool in search for a home online.

*   More than 88% of home buyers start out looking for homes online. Houses with nicer photos get more online attention. When selling your home, stand out from the crowd with Professional Photos! 

*   By far, the most eye-catching, vivid and memorable photographs available today are professionally shot and processed High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs.   HDR creates photos with gorgeous, impossible detail and clarity.  They will catch the buyer’s eye and are guaranteed to get your listing noticed.

*   Vivid images linger in the mind for several days and influence the decisions made by real estate buyers. Wherever the buyers go, the photos remain etched in their minds and continue to excite their feelings and aspirations. 

Please go to the "BENEFITS OF PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY"  section to see a side by side comparison of STANDARD VS HDR PHOTOGRAPHS